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If you want to stop fantasizing about getting approved for a government grant and want to get serious about it, this letter is for you.

Dear Friend,

You and I have heard it all before, the man with the funny jacket on late night TV telling us that the United States government gives out over 30 Billion dollars in grants every year. And if we want any of that for ourselves, all we have to do is send him some money and all our money problems will be over.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little bit too good to be true.

The truth goes something like this: while the US government does grant over 30 Billion dollars a year, you do not qualify to receive most of that money.

Most of that 30 Billion goes to non profit organizations such as:


  • County governments

  • City or township governments

  • Independent school districts

  • State controlled institutions of higher education

  • Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized)

  • Nonprofits other than institutions of higher education [includes community action agencies and other organizations having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS]

  • Private institutions of higher education, State governments  


Now let me ask you, do you or your family fit any of the descriptions above? Not likely.

Now I know this may sound like bad news, but it’s not! You now know the truth about federal grants: you don’t qualify for most of them.  So now that you know this simple fact, you can focus your attention on the grants that you do qualify for as apposed to just taking a stab in the dark.

So are there any grants that you qualify for?

Most likely yes, there is. But you must know where to look and know that there will be other people like you who will be applying for the same Grants as you are – you will have competition.

And that is why you will need to know exactly how to write and structure your grant application, what the people reviewing your application are looking for and what grants you actually have a chance of getting approved for.

And that is exactly what you are about to learn in just a few minutes once you download…


The Truth Behind Government Grants Exposed

The Truth Behind Government Grants Book


Here is a small sample of just some of the things you’re about to discover:

How to choose the type of grant, entitlement or even loan that is best for you (there are certain advantages and disadvantages to different ways of getting money that you must know)

All about various types of entitlements and why an entitlement may be best for you.

Choosing the grants that best fit your needs, and the grants you have the greatest chance of getting approved for (choosing the grant you apply for correctly will greatly increase your chances of getting approved)

The things you MUST do before you ever even think of filing out an application (if you don’t do this, your chances of getting approved for a grant will be slim)

Exactly what the people reviewing your application are looking for (if you make their life easier, they are more likely to reward you by approving your grant)

What your project summary should look like (you can use this sample to help you write your own project summary)

Everything you need to know about setting your project budget and things you should avoid during this crucial point of the grant application process.

Exactly how to put your whole application together in the most effective way possible (the way your application is put together has a great influence on the outcome of your grant being approved or not)

The secret techniques you should use to out-shine your competition and make yourself a clear favorite to get your application approved (after you submit your application, there is a lot you can to help it get approved)

All the resources you need to make your grant research as easy as possible! (well over 100 websites and resources to help you save time and energy)

And much, much more (more important stuff you NEED to know that is)

Once you get your hands on "The Truth Behind Government Grants Exposed" you will be able to quickly determine what type of grant best fits your need, learn everything you need to do in order to have a great chance of getting your application approved and you will have all the resources you need to make your research as easy and fast as possible.

Basically, you will know everything you need to do step-by-step in order to get approved for a grant. No hype, no BS and nothing you don’t need – just straight to the point information you can put to use just a few minutes after you read "The Truth Behind Government Grants Exposed".

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